Water Distribution & Maintenance

The City of Allen’s water distribution system provides customers with reliable and safe drinking water. It is designed to meet maximum water demands and ensure timely refill of the elevated storage tank. Water distribution staff oversee water quality, storage and pumping operations, water line maintenance and leak detection.
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Water Storage and Pumping
Pump Station Operations
The City of Allen operates two pump stations: the Stacy Road Pump Station and the Custer Road Pump Station. Together they can pump 27 million gallons of water per day, meeting the City's highest level of demand.

The City uses a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to monitor water levels in storage facilities. The system operates pumps and valves to control supply and ensure proper water pressure.

Water Storage
The City of Allen recently completed a second ground storage tank, increasing ground storage capacity to 26 million gallons. This capacity will meet the needs of the City, even when completely built out. Ground storage facilities are located at the Stacy Road and Custer Road pump stations.

The presence of two facilities allows more flexibility with maintenance. It also provides additional protection from an interruption in water supply.

The City of Allen also owns five elevated water towers with the capacity to hold nine million gallons of water. Elevated tanks help regulate water pressure and serve as an additional water supply when demand is high.

Public Education and Outreach
The Water and Sewer Division occasionally leads field trips through pump stations to demonstrate how Allen distributes water. Participants see a model water tower, leak detection camera and vactor truck. They also watch a video of a water tower inspection. Students can participate in “The Incredible Journey” activity, which takes students through the water cycle. Water conservation tips are always included.

Water Line Maintenance
The City of Allen performs preventative maintenance on more than 320 miles of water distribution lines. This includes flushing water mains, servicing valves and fire hydrants on a regular schedule, and conducting state-of-the-art leak detection and prevention.

Water Line Repairs
The Water and Sewer Division responds to water line repairs 24 hours a day. Despite proactive maintenance, unexpected breaks sometimes occur.

Common causes include extreme weather and drought conditions, which strain the water lines. Shifting ground may cause lines to break or leak. Other line breaks may happen when construction crews accidentally hit water lines.

When breaks occur, restoring the line is our top priority. The average repair time is three hours.

Leak Detection Program
In addition to regular maintenance, the City of Allen operates a leak detection program to proactively find water system leaks. High-tech equipment, including a computerized leak monitor and ground listening system, frequently tests the water infrastructure. By locating and repairing hidden leaks, the City has drastically reduced its water loss. The state standard for water loss is 12%; Allen's loss is only 6%.

Report a Water Leak
If you notice standing water or suspect a water leak, please contact the City of Allen to report the leak. The Stacy Road Pump Station operates 24 hours a day and will respond to all calls for service. The emergency number is 214.509.4530.