Flashing Yellow Arrow

About Flashing Yellow Arrows
Flashing Yellow Arrows (FYA) signals are being introduced nationwide and ultimately will be required at intersections where there is a separate left-turn-arrow signal. 
Flashing Yellow = Turn Left With Caution
The new signals are being introduced as a result of a national study, conducted for the Federal Highway Administration, which demonstrated that the new signals help to prevent crashes, move more traffic through an intersection, and provide additional traffic management
flexibility for road agencies.

The City of Allen will begin replacing the circular green indication for left turns lanes with the flashing yellow arrow signs at selected intersections to help drivers make better choices about turning left when oncoming traffic is clear.

Why use flashing yellow arrow instead of a solid green light?
The solid green light is often misunderstood as a left turn indicator. This is because drivers naturally thing “green means go.” Federal Highway Administration research found motorists more clearly understood what to do when presented with the flashing yellow arrow. Additionally, the flashing yellow arrow is especially effective at intersections with high volumes of traffic as it provides more flexibility to optimize signal timing.

Which intersections will be changing?
Flashing yellow arrows (FYA) will not be installed at every intersection. Signals will be changed as roadway projects occur and as funding allows. Overall FYA signal conversion will take years to complete.

Here is a schedule of the anticipated signals that will be changed:

Bethany / Malone
Bethany / Cheyenne

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