Volunteer for Public Art

Purpose & Appointment
City of Allen boards, commissions and committees advise the City Council on a variety of issues. Appointments are made by the City Council in September. All qualified voters in the City of Allen are eligible to apply for positions with any of the 9 council-appointed boards.

Serving on a Board or Commission
Citizens are encouraged to attend at least one meeting of the board of interest prior to application. The application form for all boards, commissions and committees can be obtained from the city secretary's office on the 3rd floor of Allen City Hall, 305 Century Pkwy., Allen, Texas 75013

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Artist Selection Panel
An ad-hoc subcommittee of the Public Art Committee, which is responsible for recommending the selection of an artist or artwork for a particular project. The Artist Selection Panel should have a minimum of four members and include at least one member of the Public Art Committee. Other Panel members should have an art, architecture or design background, or an intimate knowledge of or connection to the site. The Public Art Program staff person runs the meeting. The Project Manger and Prime Consultant may be invited as non-voting members of the Panel.

Due to the site-specificity of public art, when deemed appropriate, a different Artist Selection Panel should be convened for each public art project. The panelists should be briefed on the project by the Public Art Program staff, the Project Manager and, the Prime Consultant and given a tour of the project site (if possible) at the onset of the project.

The Artist Selection Panel will have the following responsibilities, depending upon the type of
selection process employed:
  • Review artist qualifications, proposals, or interview artists.
  • Review community feedback on proposals (if applicable).
  • Make final recommendations to the Public Art Committee to bring before the City Council.
Composition of Artist Selection Panels
Each Artist Selection Panel should have a minimum of four members and should consist of the
following types of individuals:
  • A representative from the Public Art Committee.
  • A community representative.
  • A representative from the arts community.
  • A design professional (not the Prime Consultant).
  • A collaborating partner representative (i.e.: Park Board, Community Development Corporation, Library Foundation Board)
The Public Art Program staff facilitates Artist Selection Panel meetings. The Project Manager and the Prime Consultant (if applicable) should attend meetings in an ex-officio capacity to answer questions, provide insights, and ensure that relevant information is shared with the Committee.