Probationary Groups

Probationary groups are groups that have failed to complete the terms of their contract. Groups wanting to continue in the program and who have not gone through probation or have more than 2 years in poor standing have the opportunity to rejoin the program as a PROBATIONARY GROUP. 

Probationary groups have one contract year to complete the terms of their contract before their area is fully revoked and put up for adoption. During this time, they must demonstrate that they understand the rules and procedures of the program by completing the Probationary Requirements. 


  • Complete four cleanups (time frame is up to you)
  • Successfully submit pictures and statistics within 10 days of completing cleanup.

REFERENCE: How to Order Supplies

You may pick up your supplies at the Utility Billing Window, City Hall, 305 Century Parkway, Allen, TX 75013 after receiving a confirmation email. Only submit supply requests within 2 weeks of cleanup date.

REFERENCE: What to Do Once You’re Done Cleaning Up

  • Collect and condense your plastic bags and leave them by your sign or at a major intersection with high visibility for pickup. Make sure to describe in detail where you left your bag in your statistics report. 
  • Submit your statistic report by going to > “Adopt-A-Program” > “Submit Cleanup Stats”
  • Email Josué Diaz your photos of your cleanup at photos of your cleanup or tweet them directly via Twitter to @K_A_B.
Once probationary requirements have been met you'll need to go through verification to make sure the office have received all your statistic reports and pictures.


  • Email Josué Diaz at a probation verification request.
    • Include the dates of each cleanup.
Once verified your group is eligible to formally adopt an area in Allen. Now you can go through the FORMAL ADOPTER adoption process.


  • Complete a New Adopter orientation
  • Sign a contract
  • Pick up adopter’s supply bag 

NOTE: It is the responsibility of ALL adopters to complete the contract terms and to keep the Adopt-A-Program staff up-to-date of any contact information changes that might affect reminders, notices, and contract renewals.

Contact Josué Diaz at or call at 214.509.4555