Trash / Recycling

The Solid Waste Division manages city trash collection and disposal, including recycling services and household hazardous waste (HHW) disposal. The division offers public education on environmental programs and provides staff support to the Keep Allen Beautiful board. It also publishes the Annual Trash and Recycling Guidelines.

Route Changes Begin January 30, 2017

With new homes to serve every week, some of our trash and recycling routes need to be reconfigured in order to provide more timely service to all residents. That means some residents will be assigned a new trash and/or recycling day based on new routes. See the map.

Recycling MRF Update

CWD collects Allen's recycling and it is processed at CWD's MRF in Dallas.  The fire in Plano has not in any way impacted Allen's ability to serve residents with the same great service they are used to.  Recycling from Allen is still processed at CWD's MRF located with their corporate offices on California Crossing in Dallas.  They can take a virtual tour of the CWD MRF.

Recycle Your Old Mercury Thermostat

The City of Allen’s Engineering Department administers the TPDES program that offers a recycling option for mercury-containing thermostats.

The average wall thermostat contains four grams of mercury, or the equivalent of 800 compact fluorescent lights. Mercury is a heavy metal that can be a threat to human health and the environment.

Citizens can deliver intact old thermostats to the front desk of Allen City Hall or to the Engineering Dept for recycling free of charge. The used devices are sent to Thermostat Recycling Corp., an industry-funded nonprofit organization based in Alexandria, Va.