Patrol Division

The Patrol Services Division consists of Traffic, K-9 and SWAT units.

Officers assigned to the Patrol Division are the city’s first line of defense, providing safety and security to the citizens of Allen. Patrol officers work four 12-hour shifts and may be assigned during the day, evening or night.

Allen patrol officers embrace the philosophies of community policing. Officers are encouraged to conduct directed patrols and "park-and-walks" to meet with citizens. This gives officers an opportunity to hear citizens' concerns and to exemplify the Allen Police Department’s motto of "Serving Our Community."

Directed Patrols: Reducing Crime
In an effort to reduce crime and traffic accidents, officers routinely patrol areas of the city that require special attention. Citizens are encouraged to call the Police Department to request directed patrols. The repeated presence of police officers in a specific area can reduce crime and the speed of vehicles traveling through that area.

Patrol Districts
Curious about what patrol district you live or work in? Check the patrol district map to find out.