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Stacy Ridge

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  1. Basketball court
  2. Covered pavilion
  3. Perimeter loop trail
  4. Picnic tables
  5. Playground
Location & Amenities
Stacy Ridge Park is 14.7 acres in size. Park amenities include a covered pavilion, picnic tables, playground, basketball courts and perimeter loop trail. Construction of the Celebration Pass Pedestrian Trail will link this park and Celebration Park through the greenbelt.

Notice Regarding Stacy Ridge Park
Evidence of nesting Cattle Egrets, a protected species at the state and federal level, has been observed by City of Allen Parks and Recreation staff in an area of trees at Stacy Ridge Park (Country Brook Lane). As defined by both the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Chapter 64 of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Code, any disturbance of the rookery is prohibited. There can be no deterrent or disruptive measures taken by anyone, including City staff and residents, from this point forward at Stacy Ridge Park. 

For more information, visit the Migratory Bird Information page.