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Rail Ladder Fire

Piece: “Rail Ladder Fire”

Artist: Christopher Fennell 

Description: Decommissioned ladders and discarded train rails have been transformed into Fire Station #5’s landmark “green” sculpture, called “Rail Ladder Fire” by artist Christopher Fennell.

This site-specific sculpture uses ladders, which are an icon to fire fighting and were provided by the Allen Fire Department. It also incorporates railroad rails that symbolize Allen’s significant railroad history. 

Standing 23-feet tall, the sculpture is meant to engage the imagination of children and adults alike. From afar, it provides a literal interpretation of the rails supporting a fire ball, but as one looks from underneath the sculpture, it provides an imaginative interpretation with a different way of looking at the world.

Medium: Decommissioned fire ladders and steel train rails

Location: Fire Station #5, 1950 W. McDermott Dr.

Date of Commission: 2009

Commissioned By: City of Allen