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Piece: “Cisterna”

Artist: Brad Goldberg

Description: "Cisterna," constructed of regional limestone, is a water sculpture which collects and stores surface runoff water from the surrounding watershed. The water is stored in an upper and lower pond, separated by a 60-foot-long limestone dam. Water is pumped up into the "Cisterna" and over its sides via wind power generated by a 15-kilowatt wind turbine, 130 feet in the air. The energy created is net-metered and grid-tied to the local power utility, creating a balance between the energy used by the pump and the energy created by the wind turbine. A string of ponds downstream provide irrigation water for area housing, a community garden and a tree farm. All materials for the project came from a 250-mile radius of the site, and all trees were transplanted from other areas of the farm.

Medium: Native Texas Lueders Limestone, Steel, 15KW Wind Turbine, Plantings, Lighting

Location: Montgomery Farm

Date of Commission: 2006

Commissioned By: Montgomery Farm