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Sign Specifications
City of Allen sign The City of Allen logo will be supplied by the City of Allen at a cost to developers. Click here for Traffic Sign Details.
9-inch Flat Street Name Blades 9″ Flat Street Name Blades are 0.125 gauge anodized aluminum and shall have a space on the left side of sign for the 9-inch city logo and 1.5-inch space before the first letter. 3M Green EC film over 3M DG-3 white sheeting with 6-inch letters and 3-inch numbers in CV-3W Font (Upper and Lower Case) is required. Twelve-inch cross T's and caps are required. A single hundred-block number and cardinal direction are required on the lower right corner.
15-inch Overhead Street Name Blades 18″ Overhead Street Name Blades shall have a space on the left side of sign for a 18-inch city logo and a 4-inch space before the first letter or number. 3M Green EC film over 3M DG-3 white sheeting with 10-inch letters and 4-inch numbers in CV-3W Font (Upper and Lower Case) is required. A 1-inch white border is required. Hundred-block numbers and cardinal directions are required on both left and right lower corners.
Stop sign STOP signs shall be 30-inches or larger.
YIELD signs shall be 36-inches or larger.
Speed limit sign All signs shall be 0.080 gauge anodized aluminum except for the 9-inch street name blades. All four-sided signs shall have 1.5-inch radius corners. All signs shall be 3M EC film over 3M DG-3 sheeting. All sign sizes and fonts shall conform to the 2011 Texas MUTCD. All ground mounted signs shall be galvanized 12-gauge yielding breakaway ground mounted sign systems. The system shall consist of the following three elements: 1) 12-foot long 2-inch square poles with holes, 2) 30-inch long 2.25-inch square base, and 3) 18-inch long 2.5-inch square sleeve.

Rivets for sign installation shall meet the following characteristics:
  • Head diameter = 1”
  • Length = 5/8”
  • Stem diameter = 3/8”

Traffic Signal