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Water Quality
Water quality testingAbout
The City's supply of drinking water comes from the North Texas Municipal Water District headquartered in Wylie, Texas. The main water supply for the district is Lake Lavon. Current planning has additional water supplies available to the District with water from Lake Texoma on the Red River and Lake Cooper in east Texas.

Sampling of the City's water supply is conducted per State and Federal requirements each month. At the present time, utility staff takes more than 90 water samples each month to ensure that the citizens of Allen always have a safe, potable water supply for their needs.

Sampling / Testing
Another critical component to water distribution is to constantly monitor and test the water quality. There are monitors measuring chlorine levels 24 hours a day. This allows the pump station operators the ability to change the chlorination levels in the water based on the test results.

In addition to chlorine levels at the pump stations, the water quality staff takes samples of water throughout the City’s distribution system. The samples are taken to NTMWD for bacteriological testing. Water quality is regulated by the State of Texas where the City is rated as a Superior Water system, which is the highest level that can be achieved.

Storage Tank Maintenance
Part of water quality includes regular maintenance to the water storage tanks. This entails ensuring the inside and outside of the tanks are in top working conditions, which means we must regularly paint the inside and outside of the tanks.

Cross Connection Prevention
Required as part of the building codes is a permit for a backflow device to eliminate the cross contamination of the water system. These are closely monitored by the Water and Sewer Division to ensure the cross connection for high hazard areas are tested on a regular basis. These devices are typically found on irrigation systems, restaurants, dentist offices, etc. The City and State require that backflow devices of any kind have to be tested every six months or a year depending on the location to insure proper operation of the device. Any certified plumber may perform this test (see 'Backflow Testers' below).

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