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Environmental Health Division
The Environmental Health Division protects public health by monitoring  all food facilities, providing education, and addressing environmental concerns that impact public health such as mosquito control.

Mosquito Control Update
The City of Allen Environmental Health Division is working with Collin County Health Care Services and other surrounding municipalities regarding the mosquito season and related mosquito control activities. Effective May 1, the Environmental Health Division begins enhanced response efforts to include mosquito trapping to identify species and to isolate possible mosquito populations testing positive for the West Nile virus. Focused monitoring and treatment will occur in areas that surround positive traps.

In addition, proactive efforts will continue to include larvicide treatment of stagnant swimming pools and selected natural areas including creeks and detention ponds along with code enforcement response related to reports of standing water. To report areas of stagnant water, or for additional inquiries, please email Environmental Services or call 214.509.4160.

Even with enhanced response efforts, residents are reminded to follow the 5 D’s to minimize the risk of mosquito bites and breeding. Find out more

Health Scores
The Environmental Health Division is responsible for routine inspections, education, and monitoring of all food facilities including: restaurants, daycare centers, schools, grocers, mobile food vendors and temporary food facilities. The inspection scores of food facilities are based on the following 100-point system:

  • 100 – 97 – Excellent
  • 96 – 92 – Good
  • 91 – 85 – Fair
  • 84 – 70 – Poor

Approved Food Safety Training
Required for all restaurants, child care and other specified facilities. Please contact us if you are not aware of your training requirements.

Health Contact Information
The City of Allen does not offer medical or immunization services. Please contact your personal physician or your local county health department for assistance concerning those issues.

Foster Care Homes
All foster care homes shall contact their case worker for inspections of foster homes and adoptive care situations.

Contact Information
Environmental Services
Staff Directory
1st Floor, Allen City Hall
305 Century Parkway
Allen, Texas 75013

Phone: 214.509.4161
Fax: 214.509.4179

Mon - Fri - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sat and Sun Closed

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