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Conserving Water Outdoors
Waterwaster InfographicThe City has proclaimed July as Smart Irrigation Month
Smart Irrigation Month is an Irrigation Association initiative to increase awareness of the value of water use during peak summer demand.  Since outdoor water use from irrigation (sprinkler) systems account for as much as 60% of the City summer water usage, it is important to use outdoor water as efficiently as possible and reduce waste.

Tips & Tricks

As seasons change, so should your irrigation controller!  During the fall, winter and spring, the landscape does not need as much water as it does during the summer growing months, so make sure to adjust the program on the irrigation controller each season.  Always use your system in regulation with the water restrictions. The Conservation Made Easy video was made for the North Texas area.  It has irrigation tips for simple repairs, cycle and soak watering, seasonal adjustments, and more.

When you do use your irrigation system make sure you are watering the correct amount needed in each zone by physically testing each zone, doing a little math, and scheduling the controller with the proper amount of time.  The linked brochure can help you in determining the correct amount of time your system should have on each zone, or stop by City Hall and pick up a copy of the brochure. The City of Plano has developed an irrigation module which will interactively demonstrate the cycle and soak procedure, as well as teach residents how to identify and fix common issues with your sprinkler system. The Texas AgriLife Extension has some quick tips to help keep your yard alive without wasting water, along with EPA's WaterSense Smart Outdoor Practices.

We are currently observing the Water Conservation watering restrictions. Effective May 1, 2015, the new Water Conservation & Water Resource Management Plan for the City of Allen, Texas replaced the 2008 Plan. We still need to conserve by only water on your allowed days, if absolutely necessary.  Check the soil moisture by inserting a screwdriver into the soil. If it slides in, the soil is moist and does not require more irrigation. By doing this before your allowed scheduled watering day, you will save the most water, and in turn save on your water utility bill!

Save on your Water Bill
More than 50% of a homeowner’s water bill may consist of lawn and landscape watering. This watering usually accounts for the most water waste! Here are useful tips to produce substantial savings in your water bill:
  • Design landscape with water-efficient plants.
  • Determine how much water your landscape needs to stay healthy.
  • Follow landscape management regulations listed in the Water Conservation and Drought Contingency and Emergency Response plans.
  • Harvest rainwater: see the rebate page for information about a Rain Barrel Rebate!
  • Keep automatic irrigation controllers in the "off" position and turn on water only when necessary!
  • Keep irrigation system equipment maintained! Broken or misaligned sprinkler heads waste tremendous amounts of water and they are subject to violation.
  • Never use a hose to sweep sidewalks and driveways!
  • Use a hose shut-off nozzle to keep from wasting water.
  • Use water-wise landscape management practices.

New Watering Restrictions
NTMWD to ease watering restrictions effective May 1.