Volunteer / Donate


The Animal Shelter welcomes volunteers to help with the day-to-day care of animals. Applications are available at the Animal Shelter.

​Adult Volunteers

Adults must pass a background check before volunteering at the Animal Shelter. They must also attend a 2-hour training class, including classroom and hands-on training.

Youth Volunteers

Allen Animal Shelter is not accepting new youth volunteers at this time.


The Animal Shelter is grateful for any donations. See below for a list of frequently-used items.
Food & Treats Safety Cleaning Supplies Toys Adoption Supplies
Iams Adult Cat Food  Collars (new or gently used) Bleach Chew toys Gift bags

Iams Mini Chunks 

Leashes Laundry detergent Kongs  
Treats     Other toys  
Cat Toys     Stretch and Scratch  
Non-clumping cat litter        
Pill pockets