Code Compliance Division

The Code Compliance Division is responsible for addressing nuisance and property standard violations to provide a safe and healthy environment for the community. These violations include high weeds and grass, trash and debris, illegal dumping and illegal home occupations. The main goal of this enforcement is to resolve violations to reduce neighborhood deterioration and sustain property values.

Property Maintenance Ordinance

The codes enforced by this division are covered in the Property Maintenance Ordinance including amendments adopted in 1998 and 1999.

If you would like a member of the Code Compliance staff to research a potential code violation, please submit the Report a Code Violation Request Form.

Garage Sales

No permit is required for a garage sale but certain regulations and signage requirements exist. Please review all regulations before holding a sale.

Residents may conduct two garage sales within one year for a period of 72 hours each. Merchandise cannot be acquired solely for the purpose of resale on the premises. Three garage signs are allowed, one on-site and two off-site. The signs can be no larger than two square feet and are not allowed in the city right-of-ways, including medians and parkways. Please remove all signs after sale. For more information, call 214.509.4160.