Water Quality and Safety

The City's drinking water comes from the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD). Lake Lavon is the main water source for the district. Additional water supplies are available from Lake Texoma on the Red River and Lake Cooper in east Texas.

Water quality is regulated by the State of Texas. The City of Allen is rated as a Superior Water system, the highest level possible.
  1. Sampling & Testing
  2. Storage Tank Maintenance
  3. Cross Connection Prevention

The City’s water system is sampled and tested in accordance with State and Federal requirements to ensure the citizens of Allen have a safe, potable water supply.

The City’s pump station operators monitor system conditions 24 hours a day to ensure disinfectant concentrations at our ground and elevated storage towers remain in the specified concentration range. The disinfectant concentration range is important because it must be high enough to eliminate microorganisms while not getting so high that it harms those that consume the water.