Schedule HHW Service

City staff collect Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) from Allen residents free of charge. Schedule your service online or call Community Services at 214.509.3100. Once collection is scheduled, City staff will deliver a red bin with notice of your collection date and handling instructions. Usually the bin is delivered one day prior to the scheduled collection.

The HHW program is operated by the City of Allen in partnership with the City of Plano. Collected chemicals are processed at City of Plano facilities and acceptable items for reuse are returned to the City of Allen's Chemical Reuse Center. Items for reuse are then made available free of charge to residents.
Red box full of chemicals
  1. service guidelines
  2. accepted items
  3. Not Accepted
  4. medical Waste
  5. Mercury Thermostats
  • The max weight allowed is 50 pounds per collection.
  • All flammable materials (such as gasoline, kerosene or oil) should be in original containers or containers approved to transport flammable materials. Flammable liquids may also be poured into plastic detergent or juice bottles with screw-top lids, provided they are clearly labeled and contain no more than one gallon of flammable liquid.
  • HHW diluted with significant amounts of water will not be collected.
  • Rusted or leaking containers must be placed inside another container (such as a bucket) or a tied inside a plastic bag before they are added to the red bin.
  • Items must display their original labels. Unlabeled containers will not be collected.
  • Non-HHW or unacceptable items will not be collected.
  • Before collection, seal the red bin with the provided lid and place it in the same area where your put your trash polycart, at least two feet from any trash bins.
  • HHW bins must be ready for pickup by 7 a.m. on the scheduled collection day.