1. Greater Safety
  2. Reduced Delay
  3. Environmental benefits
  4. Bicyclist Safety
Roundabouts are the safest type of at-grade intersection. They create slower speeds, fewer conflict points for pedestrians and motorists, and reduced collision angles compared to stop sign or traffic signal control. A national study of intersections converted to modern roundabouts had the following significant findings:
  • A reduction in collisions of all types of 40%.
  • A reduction in injury collisions of 75%.
  • A reduction in fatal and incapacitating collisions of about 90%.

Using a Roundabout

Observe all standard road rules, including yielding for pedestrians in crosswalks. Remember, roundabout traffic travels one-way counter-clockwise around the circle.

To safely and efficiently drive a roundabout:

  • Slow down when approaching the roundabout.
  • Guide signs near the entry to a roundabout show lane designations.
  • Yield to traffic in all lanes on your left before entering.
  • Stay in your lane to your exit.
North Central Texas Council of Governments - Fact Sheet

Federal Highway Administration Roundabout Safety Video