Utilities and Conservation

The City of Allen provides water, sewer, drainage, trash and recycling services to Allen residents and businesses. Utility Billing is responsible for all customer services related to these utilities. This includes initiating and terminating services, billing and collection. Customers may pay bills online.

Trash and Recycling

Trash and recycling services are provided by the City of Allen and included in monthly utility bills. Community Waste Disposal (CWD) is the contracted waste collector for the City of Allen. Commercial businesses are required to use CWD's commercial waste services; use of another waste collection company is prohibited. View rates or initiate service.

Water Conservation

The City of Allen is a member of the North Texas Municipal Water District and subject to various water restrictions due to low lake levels. Water customers must monitor and abide by all restrictions and follow the City's designated watering schedule. Restrictions may include: hosing of paved areas, use of ornamental fountains, filling pools or man-made ponds or planting/watering certain kinds of landscape. Citations are punishable by significant fines. View current restrictions.