Project H.O.M.E.

Allen Police launched Project H.O.M.E. to help first responders identify children or adults who are unable to communicate their names or addresses due to a cognitive impairment. This includes individuals with autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Down Syndrome or a traumatic injury.

Project H.O.M.E. stands for “Help find Our Missing and Endangered.” To enroll, the special needs individual (aided by a caregiver) completes an information sheet and poses for a photo at Allen Police Headquarters. Records technicians input the photo, physical descriptions and other information into our RMS.

If the individual is found wandering, police can search the database for individuals who match the physical description. With photo identification, medical information and emergency contacts easily accessible, police can return the individual to caregivers quickly and safely.

To learn more about enrollment, email or call 214.509.4350.