Adopt-A-Program Overview

  1. New Adopters
  2. Adopters in Training Program
  3. One-Time Cleanups
  4. How to Conduct a Cleanup

Welcome to the Adopt-A-Program recruitment page! We're looking for groups and individuals to join the Adopters in Training Program. Those interested in joining the program can choose to formally adopt an area or organize one time cleanups. PathwaytoAdoption

Those interested in becoming a Formal Adopter must complete a conditional one (1) year period in which they complete four (4) cleanups and submit all the required reports and pictures.

Conditional contracts are for one (1) year. They begin on October 1 and run through August 31. Those that complete their requirements are eligible to formally adopt in September for the following year.

One (1) Year Contract Terms

Conduct four cleanups per year (quarterly) including two (2) city-wide cleanups held in April and November.

  • Provide statistics report to Keep Allen Beautiful at the conclusion of each cleanup within ten days.
  • Submit photos via e-mail or Twitter.
  • Order and maintain cleanup supplies within two (2) weeks of each cleanup. Do NOT schedule months in advance.
  • Return cleanup supplies within two (2) days of each cleanup.

Adopters in Training Program (New Adopters)

Adopters in Training are new groups or existing groups that are required to go through a guided year of cleanups. New adopters to go through the program in order to expose them to a variety of different cleanup locations and terrains. The program is designed to teach safety and best practices. Existing adopters go through the program when they do not complete the terms of their contract or when their organization liaison changes. This is to ensure continued adherence to program standards. Safety training must be provided for liability reasons.

Signs and Locations

Signs are awarded to those who have completed the guided year of cleanups. Groups must complete the terms of their contract prior to selecting a spot to adopt. Locations vary from year to year.

Adopt-A-Program Schedule

  • October 1: Contracts begin.
  • November: Group must complete a cleanup within a two (2) window of the citywide cleanup effort known as Allen Recycles Day (1st Saturday in November).
  • April: Groups must complete a cleanup within a two (2) window of the citywide cleanup effort known as the Great American Cleanup (usually 3rd Saturday in April).
  • August 31: Groups must complete all four (4) cleanups.
  • September 30: Groups must sign new contracts for the following year. Areas not contracted may be given away.
  • October 1: The contract season begins.

Eligibility For Renewal

Each group is responsible for completing the terms of their contract. Any group that has more than one consecutive year out of compliance ARE NOT eligible for renewal. Contracted areas lost during renewals will be put up for adoption without notice.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of ALL adopters to complete the contract terms as stated above. It is the responsibility of ALL adopters to keep staff informed of any contact changes that might affect reminders, notices, and contract renewals.

For more information, email Josué Diaz or call at 214.509.4555.