Food Safety

Food Safety programs protect the public health by inspecting for food safety in restaurants, grocery stores, schools, day cares and other temporary food establishments. A Health Permit is required for all businesses or organizations that provide perishable foods, whether prepackaged or non-prepackaged, to the public. Environmental Health Specialists routinely inspect food establishments and to ensure compliance with food safety regulations.

Restaurant Scores

The Environmental Health Division is responsible for routine inspections, education, and monitoring of all food facilities including: restaurants, daycare centers, schools, grocers, mobile food vendors and temporary food facilities. The inspection scores of food facilities are based on a 100-point system:

Download most recent inspection scores.

Health Permits for Food Establishments & Childcare Facilities

All permanent, temporary and mobile food establishments and childcare facilities are required to obtain a Health Permit to operate in the City.  A new Health Permit is required for a remodel, name change or ownership change. A Health permit is valid for a period of one (1) year from its date of issuance, (except for Temporary or Seasonal food establishments), and it is the responsibility of the establishment’s owner/management to renew the Health Permit annually. All Health Permit applications must be submitted to the Permitting Division at City Hall.

New Restaurants: Construction and Remodeling Guidelines 

Guidelines for New and Remodeled Restaurants have been developed to assist contractors and business owners with the construction of new food establishments and/or the remodeling of existing food establishments.

Temporary Food Service 

Temporary Food Services, typically associated with temporary or special events, are required to obtain a Health Permit prior to operating. See Guidelines for Temporary Food Service.

Mobile Food Establishments (Food Trucks) 

Mobile Food Establishments may receive permits to operate in the City of Allen under specific conditions. The Environmental Health Division currently performs inspections and issues Health Permits for mobile food establishments. See Guidelines for Mobile Food Establishments.

Dogs on Patios 

A request can be submitted for a special exception to allow dogs on outdoor patios at permitted food establishments. The request is part of the application for the Health Permit, and a request for a special exception requires issuance of a new Health Permit. See Guidelines for Dogs on Patios at Restaurants.

Approved Food Safety Training 

All food service establishments in Allen are required to have a Certified Food Manager (CFM) on duty at all times of operation to oversee food service operations and ensure proper food handling practices.  All remaining employees (i.e. kitchen staff, wait staff, host/hostess, cleaning staff, etc.) must obtain Food Handler training within 30 days of employment.  The City of Allen does not provide food Safety training; however does accept certifications from Learn2Serve and ServeSafe.  Certifications issued by other cities are not acceptable.  Please contact us if you have questions your training requirements.

Environmental Health Ordinance

The City of Allen has adopted the 2015 Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER) with local amendments. See the Environmental Health Ordinance.