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Monarch City is a 261-acre mixed-use development located at the intersection of SH 121 and US 75. The developer, Howard Hughes Corporation, plans to include 10 million square feet of development, including office, residential, retail and hospitality around a central park. 

This is the first form-based zoning project approved in Allen. This zoning ensures quality standards, while allowing future flexibility to accommodate the evolving needs of the city and future tenants. It allows for a progressive and sustainable development approach such that tenants can shape the campus to suit specific needs and evolve over time. Completion of a master-planned community of this size generally happens over many years. 

Another unique aspect of this project is the plan to integrate with the existing environmental landscape. Current plans include a network of neighborhood parks and plazas, water features, pollinator habitats and trails connecting to the regional Six Cities Trail System. Ultimately, the development is planned to provide a walkable urban community in which residents can live, work and play. 

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Development ProgressDate
Developer shares plans to develop propertyMay 2017
Developer names project and releases renderingsMay 2018
Developer submits zoning applicationSeptember 14, 2018
City of Allen staff review and comment - Technical Review CommitteeSeptember 25, 2018; January 8, 2019
Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, public hearing and recommendation
June 4, 2019
City Council meeting, public hearing and voteJune 25, 2019
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  • June 25: Allen City Council conducts a public hearing and approves ordinance 3682-6-19 to establish zoning for Monarch City. (Item 17)
  • June 6: An advertisement for the June 25 public hearing was published in Allen American. This is required by State and City law.
  • June 4: The City of Allen Planning & Zoning Commission conducts a public hearing (Item 6). At the hearing's conclusion, the Commission recommends approval of the proposed zoning request.
  • June 4: The Howard Hughes Corporation meets with Starcreek Homeowners Association.
  • May 24: Notices are sent to all property owners within 200 feet of the Monarch City project bounds. This is required by the State of Texas and the City of Allen.
  • May 24: A sign is placed on the project site announcing a public hearing. This is required by City ordinance.
  • May 23: Allen City Council and the Planning & Zoning Commission host a workshop on form-based codes to be used in the proposed Monarch City development plans. This meeting was open to the public.
  • February 19: Planning & Zoning Commission holds a work session on form-based codes. This meeting was open to the public.
  • February 12: Allen City Council holds a work session on Monarch City's proposed use of form-based codes. This meeting was open to the public.
  • January 8: Second Technical Review Committee meeting (TRC). A technical review committee consisting of City staff from planning, engineering, fire, parks, waste services, building and code, and information technology assess the development's impact on services and constituents. Other representatives involved in the process include school district, utility companies and various service providers. 


  • November: Allen City Council holds a work session on form-based codes.
  • September: First Technical Review Committee meeting (TRC).
  • September: The Howard Hughes Corporation files zoning application.
  • May: The Howard Hughes Corporation publicly announces development plans.


  • May: Allen Economic Development Corporation shares information about Howard Hughes plans to develop property at the annual broker's event


Monarch City Renderings