Search for Cece the Dinosaur

Cece the dinosaur is found

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who hit the trails to help us search for Cece the Dinosaur. She has been FOUND and is now safely back home with her family at Billing Productions!

Small dinosaur

Allen Parks and Recreation needs your help! We're searching for one of Allen's oldest residents: a 205-million-year-old Coelophysis, Cece for short, who has escaped from Billing Productions. This page will be your hub for Cece search updates and videos to help you on the search.

New search locations will be announced each Thursday in October in the Search for Cece the Dinosaur Facebook Group. Allen residents and visitors are asked to help search efforts by posting within the Facebook group any clues such as eggs, teeth and footprints they find along Allen’s trail system.

Latest Updates on the Search for Cece

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Mayor/Billings Press Conference


City of Allen partners with Billings Productions, Inc. (The Dinosaur Company) to offer a socially distanced event for the month of October. The "Search for Cece" encourages Allen residents and visitors to explore our extensive trail system. The search also highlights various City services throughout the month.

The event kicked off September 24 with the announcement that Cece the dinosaur escaped from Billings during its move to a new location. Allen Mayor Debbie Stout held a joint press conference September 28 to announce the formation of the official search party. Hints to Cece’s whereabouts will be shared to Facebook each Thursday in October giving participants the chance to find hidden eggs, teeth and footprints along the trails.

The goal for families is to find the hints left behind each week. Clues are replenished daily. Please take only one clue per search party. Each Saturday the Allen Parks Foundation will be out at the nest site with Cece bait (candy) and some fun giveaways (quantities limited).

At the end of the month, Cece will be “found” and additional photo opportunities will be available.