COVID-19 Second Shots

If you received your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine through Allen Fire Department, your second shot will be automatically reserved for you.

To schedule your second dose....

  1. Monitor your email inbox for an appointment invitation from Eventbrite. This email is sent at least 3 days before your second shot is due. The sender will be listed as ""
  2. Click the invitation link to schedule your return appointment. A limited number of appointments are offered for each time slot. Keep clicking on each time slot until you find an opening.
  3. Bring your digital or printed ticket and CDC appointment card to your scheduled appointment. If your CDC card has been lost or destroyed, you may still attend your appointment but should bring a photo I.D. and allow extra time to process your paperwork.


I still haven't received an invitation. What should I do?

If you’re due for your second shot in 3 days or less and have not yet received a ticket offer, contact our COVID-19 helpline. If there are more than three days before your second shot, please be patient! We will contact you soon.

How do I cancel my appointment?

You may cancel an upcoming appointment by logging into your Eventbrite account and canceling your free registration. View instructions.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Appointment times are extremely limited and we are unable to guarantee alternate dates or times. Any requests for a rescheduled appointment should be emailed to our Help Line. You will be contacted if alternate times are available. 

Can I transfer my appointment to someone else?

No. The names and birthdates provided when scheduling your second shot must match the ones provided when scheduling your first appointment with Allen Fire Department. Other appointments will be canceled automatically.

Can I get my second shot somewhere else?

You are permitted to schedule your second shot with a different provider, if desired. However, as vaccine availability is limited, we recommend returning to AFD to guarantee that you receive your second dose in a timely manner.

Why was my appointment canceled?

Your appointment may be canceled if unforeseen circumstances, such as a significant weather event, prevents AFD vaccine operations on the day of your original appointment. If this occurs, an alternate appointment will be offered as soon as possible.