Allen Downtown Revitalization

In June 2021, Mayor Ken Fulk and City Council appointed a 13-member citizen steering committee to develop a vision to revitalize the heart of Allen. The process will include data collection, research and analysis followed by community engagement/feedback and visioning.

The final plan will be presented to Council as recommendations for an implementation phase. Creation of the final plan is expected to take 12-15 months. If you're interested in learning more, please submit a contact request form.

Planning Progress Updates

  1. Building a vision for downtown

    Allen Downtown Steering Committee is rolling up its sleeves and gathering information that will help the community create a vision and plan for a revitalized Downtown Allen. In Phase I, the subcommittees will explore, research, and compile... Read on...

Learn More About the Historic Roots of Downtown Allen

The work of the Downtown Allen Citizen Steering Committee is underway to develop a plan to revitalize the historic heart of our community. Part of this process to mold the future comes with a look into the past and what’s there today. We encourage the community to take this journey with us, follow the progress of the committee and subcommittees, participate in feedback opportunities, ask questions, and be engaged. Starting out – let’s see what you know about Allen’s historic downtown!

  1. Screenshot of Downtown Allen area shaded on a map

    Q: What name does the City of Allen use to define the downtown area for zoning purposes?

    You can view the area and surrounding properties on our interactive map. Read on...
  2. Portion of the original map of Allen in black and white

    Q: When was the first original map of the Town of Allen filed?

    BONUS: Can you also name the person who platted the map? Read on...

See What's downtown

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