Tax Information

Property taxes are an ad valorem tax, meaning “according to value.” In this case, the market value of your property. They are levied by local taxing entities and are governed by State Property Tax Laws. Property taxes pay for public schools, city streets, police and fire protection, parks and many other services.

2019 Tax Rates

City of Allen
Allen Independent School District
Collin County
Collin College
Total: $2.204073
All taxes are per $100 of taxable value.

Tax rates and exemption for all jurisdictions in Collin County may be accessed at the appraisal district's website.

Collin County Tax Calculator


Property Tax Collection

City of Allen taxes are collected by the Collin County Tax Office. Property tax questions should be directed to this office by calling 972.547.5020. 

Payments should be mailed to: 
Kenneth L. Maun 
Collin County Tax Office 
1800 N Graves Street #170 
McKinney, TX 75062 

Property Tax Appraisal

To appeal the appraisal of a property, send a letter of protest to the Central Appraisal District at the address listed below or through their website:
Collin County Central Appraisal District 
250 W Eldorado Parkway 
McKinney, TX 75069 
Phone: 469.742.9200