Animal Control Division and Shelter

The Animal Control Division of the Allen Police Department works to protect citizens from issues related to pets, wildlife and livestock. Services include rabies prevention, animal bite investigation, education on responsible pet ownership, animal adoption, and care for stray and unwanted animals.

Tours of the Allen Animal Shelter and presentations to schools, civic groups, nursing homes, day care centers or other organizations are offered based on staff availability. Call 214.509.4378 to make arrangements.
  1. simple icon of a bat with wings spread

    Bat Tests Positive for Rabies

    Allen Animal Control is making neighbors aware of a bat which tested positive for rabies. The bat was found in the backyard of a home on Lehigh Lane in the Shaddock Park neighborhood. Read on...
  2. Photo of a coyote standing in grass, head cocked to the right, staring into the distance

    See a Coyote or Bobcat? Report it Here

    Allen Animal Control has launched a new tool for tracking wild animal sightings and behavior. Read on...
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