H2Ome Improvement Rebate Program

Funds are available for rebates.

The City of Allen wants to help you conserve water by offering the H2Ome Improvement Rebate Program. Check back often for new rebate offerings. Rebate offerings are subject to yearly budget restraints and can be put on hold if budget is consumed.
  1. Smart Irrigation Equipment
  2. Pressure reducing valve
  3. Rain & Freeze Sensor
  4. Rain barrel
  5. Low-flow toilet
  6. Water efficient washing machines
A rebate of 50% of the cost up to a maximum of $125 for installation of qualifying SMART irrigation technology equipment is available. The cost may include installation hardware, and installation costs incurred by a licensed irrigator. All irrigation equipment must be pre-qualified. See the Rebate Application for more information. 

To qualify for rebate, a SMART controller must have the ability to:
  • Connect to local weather station via Wi-Fi or have an on-site weather station
  • Program each zone according to correct plant type, soil type, sprinkler nozzle type, sun/shade conditions and slope conditions
  • Program on only allowed watering days per neighborhood schedule (no exceptions from watering restrictions are given for SMART controllers)
  • Give suggested run times for each zone that is adjustable
  • Turn off the system in the event of a rain or freeze condition
  • Water using the cycle-soak method
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