Commercial Solid Waste Services

Community Waste Disposal (CWD) is the contracted waste collector for the City of Allen. CWD is the sole provider of all solid waste collection, including commercial waste. Use of another waste collection company is prohibited by city ordinance.

Service Guidelines
The City of Allen contracts CWD's solid waste services through a franchise agreement. Commercial businesses are required to use CWD’s commercial hauling services. This includes all temporary roll-off open-top construction containers.
CWD front loader trash truck
Vehicles transporting refuse must be covered to prevent any trash or refuse from escaping. All solid waste collected in the City of Allen is required to be disposed of at the North Texas Municipal Water District landfill.

Initiating Commercial Service
Commercial hauling services are coordinated directly through CWD. Contact CWD's customer service by calling 972.392.9300 (option 2).

Para asistencia en español, llame a 972.392.9300 (opción 8).

Cost for Services
The City's commercial solid waste rates are listed in the Solid Waste Rate Resolution.