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Posted on: May 29, 2019

To Save Water, Do Your Sprinkler Math

Preview of the Sprinkler Math worksheet

Some simple calculations, along with a sprinkler tune-up, could help you save water and money this summer.

The City of Allen’s Sprinkler Math Worksheet helps residents estimate their water use based on the type of sprinkler heads and minutes of scheduled use at their home. These quick calculations can help residents understand how many gallons of water is used during one sprinkler run time.

“We often hear reports of unexpectedly high utility bills as we head into summer months,” said Water Conservation Manager Gail Donaldson. “Most of the increase in water during the summer is a result of sprinkler systems, as they use more water than residents expect.”

Allen residents pay higher prices per gallon if they use more than 15,000 gallons per month. The tiered rates motivate many residents to dial back their watering.

“During the growing season, lawns only need a half-inch of water per week to thrive,” said Donaldson. “Allen frequently receives that amount in rainfall, which can further reduce the need to water.”

Donaldson also recommends yearly checkups from a licensed irrigator to keep your irrigation system in shape.

“Underground leaks, broken sprinkler heads and even programming errors in your irrigation system can all cause your bill to be higher than expected,” said Donaldson. “A visit from a licensed irrigator can help spot all these problems and save you money all summer.”

To begin your search for a licensed irrigator, visit the Dallas Irrigation Association website.

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