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Posted on: September 16, 2019

See a Coyote or Bobcat? Report it Here

Photo of a coyote standing in grass, head cocked to the right, staring into the distance

Allen Animal Control has launched a new tool for tracking wild animal sightings and behavior.

Citizens can use the Online Help Desk or MyAllen App for iOS or Google devices to report sightings of large wild animals, including coyotes and bobcats. The form asks for location details and animal behavior. Users can also attach a photo.

Allen Animal Control Supervisor Deborah Michnick says the data will help staff identify potential patterns in behavior and educate residents in target areas.

“Coyote sightings often spike as adult coyotes teach their pups survival skills,” said Michnick. “We want to respect the behavior of our native wildlife while reducing interactions between wild animals and pets.”

Allen Animal Control does not intervene when coyotes and bobcats roam their natural habitat, including urban environments. However, animal control officers will respond to reports of sick, injured or unusually aggressive wildlife. Officers will also help move wildlife confined in a trap or structure.

“You can’t reduce the coyote or bobcat population by removing or relocating them,” says Michnick. Instead, she urges humans to adjust their behaviors, including:

  • Removing bird feeders that attract rodents with fallen food
  • Keeping pet food, trash and food waste indoors
  • Using a six-foot, retractable leash while walking a dog under 25 lbs.
  • Supervising small dogs (under 25 lbs.) when outside, including in fenced backyards

Allen Animal Control offers additional tips about urban wildlife on its website.

View sighting report form.
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