310 Century Parkway
Allen, TX 75013



Name Title Email Phone
Brandon, Suzanne Senior Administrative Assistant 214.509.4406
Gonzales, Laura Administrative Assistant 214.509.4422
Boddy, Shauna Data Specialist 214.509.4407
Boyd, Jonathan Chief 214.509.4401
Cannaday, David Assistant Chief 214.509.4403
Grimes, Greg Assistant Chief 214.509.4404
Vaughn, Richard Assistant Chief 214.509.4405
Greenidge, Linda Public Education Coordinator 214.509.4413
Williams, Daniel Division Chief, Emergency Manager 214.509.4402

Emergency Response Personnel 

The emergency response personnel make up the core of the fire department’s ability to serve the City of Allen.
Name Title Email Phone
Bailey, Don Battalion Chief    
Womack, Rex Battalion Chief 214.509.4411
McCaslin, Casey Battalion Chief