Are there other distribution sites in Allen or nearby?

Yes,  these can be found on the state distribution map. However, all sites have limited supplies for the time being, and most sites will require appointments for vaccinations.

Local vaccination sites that provide information about vaccine availability and sign-up information are listed below:

State directives are evolving to find the quickest and most efficient ways to distribute and vaccinate larger numbers of individuals in the current priority groups, including the use of vaccine “mega centers.” We will provide information and updates about vaccine availability in Allen and Collin County as we know it.

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1. Who qualifies to get a vaccine?
2. How do I make a vaccine appointment through Allen Fire Department?
3. Why require a reservation/ticket?
4. Are there any special circumstances that would allow an individual to request an appointment without going through the notification and online scheduling system?
5. I just received an appointment alert. Why am I having trouble getting an appointment?
6. Can you provide more advance notice on COVID vaccine availability?
7. Are there other distribution sites in Allen or nearby?
8. What should I expect on the day of my appointment?
9. Do I have to get my vaccination in the city or county where I live?
10. I received my first vaccination from Allen Fire Department. How do I arrange to receive the second dose?
11. I received my first vaccination at a different location. Can I receive my second dose from Allen Fire Department?
12. How many vaccines has AFD distributed so far?
13. What information is available about COVID-19 vaccines?