Who are the elected officers for the City of Allen?

Allen City Council consists of the mayor and six council members elected citywide to serve three-year, staggered terms of office.

In addition to strategic planning and approving the annual budget, the council sets policy, enacts ordinances establishing municipal law, and regulates zoning and development. The council also appoints board and commission members.

  • Kenneth M. Fulk, Mayor - Term Expires May 2023
  • Daren Meis, Council Place No. 1 - Term Expires May 2024
  • Carl Clemencich, Council Place No. 2 - Term Expires May 2023
  • Lauren Doherty, Council Place No. 3 - Term Expires May 2021
  • Chris Schulmeister, Council Place No. 4 - Term Expires May 2022
  • Vacant, Council Place No. 5 - Term Expires May 2021
  • Baine Brooks, Council Place No. 6 - Term Expires May 2022

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