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School Year Teen Volunteer Form Fall 2022

  1. Please read all the questions before completing this registration form. When you have completed the form, hit the “Submit” button.
  2. What name would you like to go by?

  3. Please do not use your school email.
  4. Have you been a VolunTeen before?*
  5. Let us know if a current or former VolunTeen let you know.

  6. If yes, what story time(s) are you interested in? The fall story time session is September 12 - November 17.
  7. For example, “I can sew,” “I am CPR certified,” “I am an amateur photographer.”

  8. For example, "I am in football, so after school isn't a good time for me. I am available most Saturdays," or "I am typically free after school and Saturday afternoons, but not Saturday morning or Sundays."

  9. All VolunTeens are expected to adhere to our VolunTeen Rules and Expectations.

    You must read this document before applying to be a VolunTeen. After reading, please answer the questions below.

  10. I promise to attend the shifts that I sign up for, and understand that not showing up to my shifts or being late to my shifts can result in dismissal from the VolunTeen program.*
  11. Please click on the "Submit" button below.

    We will be contacting you by email, so please add the email address,, and to your address book or safe sender list.

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