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1. Who qualifies to get a vaccine?
2. How do I make a vaccine appointment through Allen Fire Department?
3. Why require a reservation/ticket?
4. Are there any special circumstances that would allow an individual to request an appointment without going through the notification and online scheduling system?
5. I just received an appointment alert. Why am I having trouble getting an appointment?
6. Can you provide more advance notice on COVID vaccine availability?
7. Are there other distribution sites in Allen or nearby?
8. What should I expect on the day of my appointment?
9. Do I have to get my vaccination in the city or county where I live?
10. I received my first vaccination from Allen Fire Department. How do I arrange to receive the second dose?
11. I received my first vaccination at a different location. Can I receive my second dose from Allen Fire Department?
12. How many vaccines has AFD distributed so far?
13. What information is available about COVID-19 vaccines?