What is “budget billing” and is it available for City of Allen Utility Bills?
Average utility billing or “budget billing” is a way to spread out the cost of high seasonal usage for utilities such as electric, natural gas, and water across an entire year. The City of Allen offers a payment option that allows residential customers to pay the same amount for their City utility bill each month over an eleven-month period with the twelfth month as “settle-up.” Settle-up is a way to make your payments equal to the actual amount that would have been billed over the past twelve months. Your budget bill amount per month is calculated based on your individual consumption over the previous 12 months, and assumes future use will be similar. Each budget billing customer will continue to be mailed a monthly City utility bill with the average amount reflected as the payment due. The budget bill amount is withdrawn from your checking or savings account twenty days after the bill date. Customers that sign up are enrolled in budget billing annually for the period from October 1st through September 30th of the next year. This period parallels the City’s Fiscal Year. Residents receive information annually about budget billing in a flyer that is inside their regular August utility bill. The flyer also provides the information needed to sign yourself for bank drafting. Once you are enrolled in budget billing, the enrollment continues automatically through the years until you elect to stop it or the City stops it due to the payment source failing to operate properly. For established customers with good payment history who prefer to spread their potentially higher summer water costs out more evenly and are willing to set up a direct debit payment option, budget billing may be a good choice. Customers may get further budget billing information from the City’s utility billing office at 214.509.4560.
Understanding Your Utility Bill

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